Propellerhead Reason 7

March 13, 2013

by — Posted in Hip Hop Drum Samples

OMG! Propellerhead Software announced Reason 7 today. Very excited! I’ve been using Reason to do all my music since around 2008 (Version 3) and I’m enthralled at the new line up of features. As if Reason wasn’t already the complete package, Reason 7 is bringing its A-Game with the following new enhancements:

  • MIDI Out (Yes its dated, but now I can sync the SP-1200 and other hardware devices to Reason 7 as my controller)
  • Auto Slice Audio & Bounce to REX
  • Mixing Features Available from the Rack
  • Grouping
  • Spectrum Analyzer and Graphical EQ/Mixing for the Mixing Console
  • More

Peep the Epic promo video:

For juicy details, specs, release date information & more, hit up the Official Propellerhead Reason 7 page