MSXII Sound Design Presents – Lo-Fly Drums Vol. 1

14 Oct

Purchase Here: LO-FLY Drums Vol. 1

Lo-fi Drum Samples!

Back with a brand new series of INCREDIBLE drums, the MSXII Lo-Fly Drums Vol.1 clocks in tastefully inspired by the stylistics of the lofi culture with a hint of Flying Lotus influence. You will feel these drums, crafted from live kits & drum synths alike, begging for swing, groove, and off-the-grid rhythms. 

We’ve taken these a step further once again and carefully built these around our Lofi Melodics 3 series…meaning that for each of the textures in that pack, we have a set of drum textures to match. We then mixed all of these up to make a completely new, and out the box kit. Always forward thinking and aiming to advance our culture, MSXII Sound Design truly puts heart into each and every creation. Be a pro. Be a champ. Be a winner. Purchase Lo-Fly Drums Vol. 1!

Kit Features:

  • 45 brand new, original MSXII drum one-shots in 16 bit .wav format
  • Created with the forward thinking producer in mind. This is for the innovative
  • Pairs nicely with Lofi Melodics 3 (as shown in our demo)
  • Easy file management with labled folders of Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percs, Xtra
  • Inspired by the Lofi subculture, tastefully textured with that MSXII Sound. 
  • Compatible with all DAWS, samplers, & iOS apps

Soul Surplus – Fender Rhodes Sample Pack

14 Oct

Purchase Here: Soul Surplus – Fender Rhodes Sample Pack

Soul Surplus is back with another completely original sample library. This time Joel McNeil is delivers us over 500MB (11 Files) of Fender Rhodes Samples created for your chopping and flipping pleasure.

These Fender Rhodes Samples are an awesome addition to any sample library and are sure to make any beatmaker smile.


10A – 10Alien Vol. 1

14 Oct

Purchase Here: 10A – 10Alien Vol. 1

By popular request we’ve been asked to carry EVEN MORE contemporary drum samples and we got ahold of another slapper of a drum kit by 10A! Producer 10A brought us “Ear Benders Vol. 1” which was one of our best selling kits of all time, now he’s back with another must have:

10Alien Vol. 1 by 10A (Royalty Free)

This is true sound design! All samples, loops, melodies and live sounds were recorded using an assortment of mics: The shure sm-57, shure sm-58, Audio technica AT-4040, sEX1, which were routed through his Zoom H6 and recorded at the highest level possible and chopped/layered on the ASR-10 then mixed to give the producer an alien twist and perspective for the creative process. You’ll receive authentic 10A transients, punch, and thumps in this kit.

This kit contains the following folders:

  • 15 10A Sub Bass Samples
  • 15 Custom Loops
  • 10 FX
  • 15 Custom Hi Hats
  • 15 Kicks
  • 15 Snares
  • 48 Custom Samples (Chords, Effects, Percs, and custom samples)

All samples in the demo featured in this kit!

IV The Polymath Presents – The IV Samples Vol. 4

14 Oct

Purchase Here: IV The Polymath – The IV Samples Vol. 4

The Drum Broker is back with another all original sample & composition kit by composer and producer IV The Polymath. The Drum Broker has been scouting new talent during the last few months and linked up with IV The Polymath to drop his fourth Sample Library, The IV Samples Vol. 4

The IV Samples Vol. 4 features 12 original compositions by Multi Instrumentalist, Composer, and Producer IV The Polymath. These samples were composed with the hip hop producer in mind, but can span many other genres. When Polymath is composing samples, he always puts himself back in the position of someone sampling off of vinyl. He often asks himself, “What would I hear on a vinyl record I?” and “What kind of composition would make the dopest beat?”. This unique approach to the atheistic of sample composition captures the authenticity and soul that attracts us as producers and crate diggers.

The IV Samples is an infusion of jazz and funk, Polymath’s specialty, but also incorporates weird textures, melodies, and voices to give producers something fresh that hasn’t been done yet. 

The inspiration for The IV Samples Vol. 4 was to provide something fresh, non-recycled, and unique to the producer community

Instruments Used: Jaco Fretless Jazz Bass, Nord Lead 2, Nord Electro 3, Yamaha Motif ES6, Korg Microkorg XL, Korg Microkorg OG, Condenser Mics & Pre-amps, various effects pedals & DI Boxes, & various acoustic percussion instruments.

  • Format: 44/16 .wav 
  • 12 Original Compositions Total 
  • Stems & BPMs included 
  • Over 100 files total 

International Breaks 11

14 Oct

Purchase Here: International Breaks 11

The Drum Broker is back with the 11th volume of the most Popular Breakbeat Sample Library of all time! International Breaks Vol. 11 is another must have for anyone who is a drum aficionado.

These drums are perfect for chopping, layering, and looping in your production. We guarantee you’ll find some pure GOLD nuggets in this release to spice up your beats or use as the building blocks for your next banger.

Our dedicated digging team has scoured the planet once again to bring you the next must have rare global break kit.
Ready to chop, loop, and layer, International Breaks 11 features 101+ NEW breaks from from the late 60’s to early 80’s. Our team assembled a comprehensive break beat kit with ultra rare gems from Russia, China, Thailand, India, Korea, Japan, Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, UK, and Brazil.If you are looking for more variety than your typical over sampled Soul Breaks, then this kit is is perfect for your production arsenal.

Don’t sleep on these breaks!

Freddie Gibbs – Shame (Alkota Remix)

4 Oct

Download Here:

Agent X – Mindmeld Vol. 1 (Sample Pack)

21 Sep

Download Here: Agent X – Mind Meld

Introducing a new experimental concept from Overcoast and The Drum Broker: Mindmeld Vol. 1 by Agent X

Mindmeld Vol. 1 features 11 compositions that were created for the experimental and open minded sample based producer, DJ, and beatmaker who wants unique and spacey original music to chop, flip, and manipulate into oblivion. Take these sample nuggets and shape them into your next “out there” composition.

With years as a film and TV composer, and touring psychedelic rock musician, Agent X has a wealth of experience putting together interesting sounds, fluid melodies, out there concepts, cinematic scores, and is at home channeling strange vibes. Mindmeld Vol.1 was recorded through vintage and boutique pre-amps and a vast array of vintage and boutique mics. The recording techniques and studio equipment used to create this groovy music library is also the same equipment used on classic 60’s and 70’s records. Lots of swirls, echos, and vintage processing that will light your creative fire. 

*All Samples are BPM labeled

Instruments featured in these samples:

  • Synths: Roland Juno 106, Prophet 6, Moog Voyager,Tetra, Minilogue and more
  • Vintage Guitar Amps (Gibson Skylark, National, and Fender Princeton Reverb)
  • Vintage Bass Amps (Ampeg SVT)
  • Vintage Bass (Fender P Bass)
  • Vintage Guitars (Harmony, Danelectro, Gibson and Fender)
  • Vintage vibraphone
  • Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos
  • Various toy keyboards 

Ultra Lo-Fi Sampler (Partial Samples):

Alchemist Drum Kit – Alchemist Secret Sauce

8 Aug

Purchase Here: Alchemist – Secret Sauce

Hip Hop Producer The Alchemist just dropped his debut drum kit with The Drum Broker. Probably one of the most sought after drum kits ever, Alchemist’s Secret Sauce is a collection of Alchemist produced classic drum samples and fx. Alchemist also blessed us with an extremely inspiring behind the beat video! Don’t sleep!

Jake One – Snare Jordan Vol. 6

28 May

Download Here: Jake One – Snare Jordan Vol. 6

The Drum Broker returns with the next Volume of Jake One’s Wildly Popular ‘Snare Jordan’ Drum Kit Series.

Jake One – Snare Jordan Vol. 6 contains the signature Kicks, Snares, Hats, Drum Loops and Percussion loops programmed by Jake One that have made The Snare Jordan Series one of the most anticipated and highly rated drum kits to date.

As always, there are no stock sounds featured in Snare Jordan Vol. 6.

All the samples were processed through the Ensoniq ASR-10 and run through an SSL Mixing Board giving them analog warmth & phatness lacking in today’s digital plug in age.

All sounds are industry standard 16-Bit WAV format and can be used on ANY DAW. Snare Jordan Vol. 6 features over 100 New Drum Samples from Jake One’s personal drum stash

The kit contains drums from the following (any many more) songs:

  • Wale – “Ground Hogs Day”
  • Dom Kennedy – “96 Cris”

Watch the Behind The Beat for Dom Kennedy 96 Cris:

!llmind Blap Kit Vol. 9

16 May

Purchase Here: !llmind Blap Kit Vol. 9

“It’s that time of year folks. My magnum opus. The reason we are here today. I’m honored to present to you BLAP-KIT VOLUME 9. So what sets this volume apart from the rest, you ask? Well, for starters, I’ve almost DOUBLED the amount of one-shot sounds you get (roughly 250). The focus for this kit is to act as an all around, true GO-TO for any and all genres and styles. Every single sound is sharper than Valyrian Steel (My Game Of Thrones heads know whats up). I really focused on making sure each texture was balanced, usable, stackable and ready to just plug in and program away. I went tasteful on the reverbs and sustain trails here, so you can easily take these sounds and add your own effects to make them even more custom. There are so many textures here. This will probably be your GO-TO kit that you’ll find yourself coming back to the most. What a time to be alive. Now go level up!” – !llmind

  • Over 250 NEW drum sounds (kicks, snares, hi-hats, claps, various percussion, sound effects, drum rolls and fills, drum breaks, grunts + more) in 16-bit/44 WAV format.
  • BONUS “stank-face” snares (that unexplainable punch)
  • BONUS Full TR-808 kit that’s “!ll-mind-ified”
  • 20+ BONUS GRUNTS (signature sound we had to bring back)
  • Compatible with ALL DAW systems (Logic, Reason, Ableton, FL Studio, Protools, etc)
  • Vintage Reverb Machines Used: AMS RMX16, L480 & Baldwin Amp.
  • All drum sounds were sampled into an Ensoniq ASR-10 AND Akai S-20 at 33khz/12-bit for maximum warmth + punch!
  • All drum sounds carefully multi-layered & molded by !llmind to create truly, never before heard drums. Guaranteed.
  • NO saturation/flat “pancake” sounds.
  • Carefully mastered just “under-zero”. NO nasty “digital-clipping”.
  • All drum sounds were hand-picked, created, and stripped by !llmind himself from his personal drum stash.
  • ALL sounds are completely royalty-free!