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Weiss Drums: The Maio Collection (Digital Download)

19 Feb



Download Here:

The Drum Broker has teamed up with another dope sound designer & engineer to bring you another top notch drum collection from Matthew Weiss, ‘The Maio Collection’.

“Growing up on 90s Hip-Hop, I fell in love with the texture and character of drums that were chopped from breaks and programmed in vintage samplers. But around the late 90s, early 2000s, synthetic drums became the popular sound: cleaner, crisper, harder-hitting.

My goal is to reinvent the sound that I remember in a new way and make natural acoustic drums sound as unique and crisp as synthetic drums.” – Mathew Weiss

Recorded at Kawari Sound Studios, these drums have undergone a phat analog chain to tape and were mixed with a host of analog outboard gear + some secret sauce to make a dope, ALL ORIGINAL, royalty free drum library

Specs & Product Details:

  • Professionally Recorded – The Maio Collection was recorded through a vintage API Console into a Studer A820 tape machine at 15ips.
  • Meticulously Processed – We used a combination of studio staples and gear designed by Matt to give these drums their unique sound.
  • Tweaked to Perfection – Over 150 unique drum sounds were carefully crafted from a selection of over a thousand acoustic one shots.
  • .WAV — 24-Bit / 44 kHz
  • 31 snares + 29 kicks + 46 cymbals + 44 hi-hats + 9 percussion + 4 toms

Download ‘The Maio Collection’ sampler for FREE here:

Hear the Drums in actual production: