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Drum Sample Torrents

1 Sep

I was scouring the good ole Future Producers forums earlier today when I came accross an interesting thread. The title was, “How many of you actually buy and use sample kits & loop packs?”

The topic is interesting to me for a few reasons.

  • A) I own and run a sound design/drum sample website
  • B) I make beats and produce music professionally.

Since my earliest days of making beats I have always supported the drum sample business by buying commercial drum kits, one of my favorite sites is I have spent hundreds thousands of dollars on dope sounds. I also sample my own drums, chop my own libraries, and design my own drums. I find creating drum sounds fullfilling and I have a passion for sound design, however, when I first started producing music I lacked the skills and knowledge required to make dope drum sounds, and thus turned to various commercial libraries. There are advantages of using drum packs are… less time digging… more time making beats. And of course, if you get your drums from the right people… less time tweaking & mixing.

Back to the topic at hand… some members of the Future Producer’s forums are appalled that people actually pay for drum samples. Why pay? When you can dig for your own sounds? Why pay when you can download the torrent? Its no secret that piracy is rampant in all facets of the music industry including the sound design business. Yes, there is alot of bullshit out there as far as drum libraries. I won’t and don’t need to name names, I think most online consumers and shoppers “Sketch Radar” starts ringing on some of these sites. But there are also some really dope sound design companies and individuals with amazing drum sounds. By paying and supporting these small, unique, niche companies you are ensuring that a fresh crop of high quality drum sounds, sample libraries, etc. are available for you to do what you do best… CREATE! The drum sample torrents floating around are chalked full of viruses and half the time they aren’t the “Official” drum sounds. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend my time working, creating, and making music instead of chasing knock off drum torrents.

My 2 cents