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Ski Beatz – 12 Bit Soul

9 Jun


The ledgendary Ski Beatz repping that 12 Bit Soul from Divided Souls Productions.

Ski Beatz:

Adaptability is something craved by anyone seeking longevity, irrespective of profession. As trends come and go and “now” morphs into “then,” finding relevancy is more and more elusive. Ski Beatz (a/k/a Ski) is one such producer who embraces the “new” while approaching music with the same mindset that he used when crafting timeless records for Jay-Z, Camp Lo, Fat Joe, Curren$y, and many more. These records have stood the test of time and he continues to add to his growing body of work by the day. The equipment may have transitioned from hardware to software, but the work ethic, dedication, and commitment to the art remain the same. Ski continues to embody the 12 Bit Soul maxim by proving that “man makes the music, not the machine.”

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