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Selling Beats Via Soundcloud

16 Feb

I’ve gotten quite a few readers and followers of the Alkota Blog asking me, “Where did you get that customized ‘Buy This Beat’ button on your SoundCloud Player?”.

Its really quite simple! As many of you know, I prefer to handle all of my exclusive arrangements via e-mail, phone conversation, or face to face. However, when it comes to leasing beats this is a cheap and easy solution to lease quickly and effectively. Most importantly, the “Buy” button appears across all platforms when embedding via SoundCloud. What does that mean? It means that the potential for a conversion (sale) is more likely, and potentially exponential assuming other people are sharing your link & embedding your music on multiple websites, blogs, SoundCloud, etc.

Lets take a look at how to easily set this up:

1. First things first… we need a mechanism to distribute (digitally) the beat files (wav, mp3, tracked out files, etc.) and collect money. I use Fetchapp for my digitally delivery and payment collection. You could also use Pulleyapp or a number of other digital delivery services. But for now, lets stick with Fetchapp.

2. Sign up for a Fetchapp account, choose appropriate data plan, upload your beats (or music), price your beats and generate a transaction link. (Fetchapp provides all the documentation on this, so I’ll spare the little details).

3. Next… log into SoundCloud account and upload a beat or create a ‘set’. Edit the track information and click “Show More Options” which will reveal a whole new world of options for your song or beat. In the example below you can see that I renamed the Custom Link Title Field to “Buy This Beat (Price$$$)”. I filled in the Buy Link Field with the link that Fetchapp generated for my upload. Click Save and BAM! You can now sell & digitally deliver your song, beat, etc.

This obviously has some limitations compared with other methods of embedding and selling beats. For instance, you can’t create multiple delivery options or variable pricing for each and every licensing flavor. But why would you want to randomly sell your tracked out files to Joe Schmoe on the Internet? I’m a firm believer in a dialog / negotiation when it comes to prices & exclusive rights. But for plain vanilla leasing efficiency and cross platform distribution… this is an excellent option!