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Bullyfinger – Boom Kick Bass

7 Nov


Download Boom Kick Bass by clicking here
Bullyfinger is back with an all new original kit, sound designed from the ground up. Enter Boom Kick Bass
It’s that low end thump you hear when you ride through town. We’ve taken five analog drum units from the past 30 years and recorded the best variations of each unit, tweaking to taste using our outboard gear. Each unit’s kick drums have been pitched across the keys (or pads) to use as kick drums or kick-basslines in your production. Dial in the amount of decay you wish within Kontakt or any soft sampler that accepts the soundfont format. We have even included a lovely 808 bass drum clone that has the longest decay time available, effectively turning it into an 808 drone.
As always we have recorded using gear from API, SPL, Neve, Dave Smith Instruments and Little Labs.
Kit Features:
  • Jomox Mbase 11
  • Jomox Mbrane
  • Pearl Drum-X
  • Tiptop 808 BD
  • Vermona Kick Lancet

280 Wav files, 40 patches in both Soundfont & Kontakt format